Call for Research Training Partnership Programme - Rwanda

mars 15, 2018

Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) is announcing a call for an extension for another five-year partnership between University of Rwanda (UR) and Swedish universities.

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Ancient insect outbreaks can be traced in lake sediments

mars 14, 2018

Sediment layers in lakes reflect how the environment has changed over the millennia, and for a long time, pollen analyzes have been used to show how the vegetation has varied in an area. Now we know that it is also possible to trace ancient insect outbreaks, since not only pollen grains, but also scales from moth wings, are preserved in the sediments. One of the persons behind this new discovery is Miguel Montoro Girona, now a postdoc at SLU. The use of scales as a new proxy to rebuild the past of forest ecosystems represents a major contribution in Paleoecology.

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New insights on dormancy in tree buds

mars 9, 2018

For trees in boreal and temperate climates, it is important that buds do not burst precociously, but only when it's spring for real. Therefore, the buds are put in dormancy in the autumn, which means they have to go through a long cold period before they slowly become susceptible to the signals of spring. The mechanism behind this is revealed in a new study led by Rishi Bhalerao from SLU, recently published in the journal Science.

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Workshop on green cities in Brussels

mars 8, 2018

On 5 March, a workshop was organised at the Stockholm Region EU Office in Brussels. The theme of the day was to draft research agendas for urban ecosystem services and sustainable urbanisation. The workshop was led by the Platform on Urban Ecosystem Services, based at SLU/the Movium think tank.

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mars 7, 2018

Achieving improved animal health requires knowledge about the distribution of infectious animal diseases. Control of animal food products and antibiotic use and resistance are other key factors to success. National Veterinary Institute (SVA), together with the Swedish Board of Agriculture, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and the National Food Agency, will run a five-year project on healthy livestock and safe food in East Africa funded by Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency).

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