Helicopter lifts solar cells in place at Ultuna

juli 13, 2018

On 3 and 4 August, Akademiska hus will mount solar cells on buildings at Ultuna. The solar cells will be lifted up on the roofs with a helicopter. While the lift is done, roads and places will temporarily be closed off so nobody can get under the load.

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Could insects as a feed alternative change deforestation rates?

juni 26, 2018

According to a master thesis by Douglas Hunter substitution of soybean meal with insects in the European poultry industry could reduce land-use up to 99 percent. Many colleagues at SLU have expressed their interest in the thesis that belongs to a research project on sustainable use of resources lead by Åsa Berggren, Department of Ecology.

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Fish breeding

juli 6, 2018

Faster growth and altered seasonality will have implications on feeding management

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Researchers found 30 genes that can bring desirable traits to a new oil crop

juni 20, 2018

The domestication of the wild plant field cress has been going on for 20 years. Now a team of researchers at SLU have made discoveries that can speed up the process. The researchers have found variants of 30 genes that affect important traits in the plant, and thus they can select the right individuals knowing it will affect the offspring’s traits in the right direction.

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B3 Africa at SLU

juni 15, 2018

B3 Africa , a EU Horizon2020 project between EU and Afrika, visited SLU this week. Researchers presented solutions for biobanks and bioinformatics. The conference was summed up on Wednesday with sessions at the Uppsala castle.

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